Java News from Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Apache Commons Team has released Commons IO 1.3, a class library that provides utility classes and methods for copying streams, endianness conversion, safely closing streams, creating Strings and byte arrays from streams and Readers, filtering files, and querying and manipulating the file system. Version 1.3 adds a DirectoryWalker class "designed for subclassing to walk through a set of files. DirectoryWalker provides the walk of the directories, filtering of directories and files, and cancellation support. The subclass must provide the specific behaviour, such as text searching or image processing." Commons IO is published under the Apache license.

The Mozilla Project has released Bugzilla 2.22.2 (stable), 2.20.4 (legacy), and 2.23.4 (testing). Bugzilla is an open source issue tracking system based on MySQL and Perl. These are all bug fix releases, and include security fixes. All users should upgrade.