Java News from Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sun has submitted JSR-316, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) Specification , to the Java Community Process. According to the JSR,

This JSR will not itself define any new APIs, rather it will enumerate APIs defined in other JSRs or through the JCP maintenance process.

Java EE 6 is the Enterprise Edition of version 6 of the Java platform, and thus will be built on Java SE 6.

We propose to include the following new JSRs in Java EE 6:

  • JSR-196 Java Authentication SPI for Containers
  • JSR-236 Timer for Application Servers
  • JSR-237 Work Manager for Application Servers
  • JSR-299 Web Beans
  • JSR-311 JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services

In addition, we expect to update the following existing technologies for Java EE 6:

  • Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Java Persistence API
  • Servlets
  • JavaServer Faces
  • JAX-WS
  • Java EE Connector API

The exact set of technologies to be included will be determined by the expert group and will be based on partner and customer requirements.

Comments are due by July 16.

The Apache Commons Team has released Commons IO 1.3.2, a class library that provides utility classes and methods for copying streams, endianness conversion, safely closing streams, creating Strings and byte arrays from streams and Readers, filtering files, and querying and manipulating the file system. Version 1.3.1 fixes a couple of bugs. Commons IO is published under the Apache license.