Java News from Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz may have opened his mouth too soon. Despite his claims last week that Mac OS X Leopard would include Sun's Zettabyte file system (ZFS), Apple now publicly states that ZFS will not be in Leopard. It certainly wasn't in the keynote, and may not be mentioned at WWDC at all. I suspect we'll still see it--it's too core a part of the much-hyped Time Machine--but Steve Jobs is notoriously vindictive against anyone who steals his keynote thunder,

Update: it looks like ZFS may make the cut for Leopard, but only as a read-only file system; and it may require some command line magic to get working. It will not be Leopard's default file system.

Based on early betas of Safari 3.0 for Windows, some people are speculating that Apple has succeeded in porting Cocoa to Windows. If that turns out to be true, that could be a real threat to Java on the desktop, but a boon for Mac developers. If they could port to Linux too (probably an easier task) Java on the desktop would be dead.