Java News from Sunday, June 3, 2007

Agitar has released JUnitFactory, "a free experimental project from AgitarLabs. You send it Java code and it sends back JUnit characterization tests for your code." There's a client plug-in for Eclipse.

This is something I've thought about writing myself in my non-existent spare time. This isn't open source so the fields still open. I may actually get to that as part of my day job soon, since right now I find myself staring down a small batch of legacy code with limited tests, and have been told to produce some tests for it.

David Saff has posted Popper 0.5. According to Saff, "Popper enables developers to specify and validate general statements about program behavior, called Theories."

Popper is named after Karl Popper, a noted philosopher whose theories are a lot more practical than most of the muddled existentialism, neoplatonism, deconstructionism, pointless dialectic, and cultural fadism that passes for rational thought in too many philosophy departments.

Java 5 or later is required.