Java News from Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hewlett-Packard has released the finished version of JSR 263 Fault Management API. Quoting the executive summary,

Currently, the OSS fault management functionality supported by an OSS through JavaTM API is contained within the OSS Quality of Service API (JSR90). A software vendor that wishes to only implement fault management functionality is faced with the dilemma of being “partially compliant” to the OSS Quality of Service API”; and partially compliant is simply a statement that software vendors would prefer not to make.

This API, The OSS Fault Management API (JSR 263) was initiated to separate the two APIs, fault management and performance management from each other to enable software vendors to implement those portions that they would like to implement, and to be able to make the statement that their product is compliant to one or both of the aforementioned APIs.

The OSS Fault Management API focuses creating an interoperable fault management API that is compatible with the 3GPP Release 6 Alarm IRP. In accordance with the OSS through JavaTM Design Guidelines, the API defines JVT, XML/JMS and Web Service implementation profiles.