Java News from Monday, September 24, 2007

Nokia has posted the finished spec of JSR 264, Order Management API, to the Java Community Process. According to the spec,

This API specifies minimum requirements for Order Management Systems supporting end-to-end creation and management of Products, Services and Resources instances through Orders or Work Orders.

Systems solutions implementing this API will deliver the core functionality required from a modern Order Management System. Order Management API specification implementations may vary between vendors – the specification defines the implementation interface (not the implementation of the actual system) and the interface can also be further extended.

The OSS/J Order Management API provides significant extension of the previous JSR-089 OSS Service Activation API (JSR-264 replaces previously defined OSS/J Service Activation API JSR-89, which will be deprecated when this JSR is released), specifically:

  1. Addition of orders capable of provisioning Products and Resources
  2. Ability to create and manage Work Orders (WO)
  3. Ability to create, accept and manage bulk orders Resolution of positioning in relation to other OSS/J APIs (e.g. Inventory)
  4. Ability to provide the API for Order Management in an industry agnostic fashion (i.e. not restricted to the Telco industry)