Java News from Thursday, September 27, 2007

Atlassian has released version 3.11 of JIRA, a $1200-$4800 payware J2EE-based bug tracking and project management server application. In 3.11 "Time-tracking data (that is, the estimated and actual time spent on an issue) now includes the issue's sub-tasks. The aggregated time-tracking data is displayed both within individual 'parent' issues and in the Issue Navigator, so it can be easily reported on, exported to Excel, or etc....In JIRA 3.11, the new Road Map portlet shows upcoming milestones across the multiple projects of your choosing."

I've been using Jira lately with Jaxen and Apache. It's a definite improvement over Bugzilla. I'm not sure it really does anything that Bugzilla doesn't do (at least not anything I use) but the user interface is about a hundred times cleaner.