Java News from Friday, April 11, 2008

Sun has posted the first release candidate of NetBeans 6.1, its open source IDE for Java, Ruby, and JavaScript. "The NetBeans IDE 6.1 release provides several features and enhancements, such as rich JavaScript editing features, support for using the Spring web framework, tighter MySQL integration, and better mechanisms for projects to share use of libraries. The acclaimed support for Ruby/JRuby has been enhanced with new editor quick fixes, a Ruby platform manager, fast debug support for JRuby, and many other new features and fixes. By popular demand, the bean pattern and JSF CRUD generation features that were missing in the 6.0 release have returned. In addition, early versions of new modules, such as ClearCase support, are available as plugins. This release also provides improved performance, especially faster startup (up to 40%), lower memory consumption and improved responsiveness while working with large projects."