Java News from Friday, April 4, 2008

Sun has posted a beta of Java SE 6 Update 10. The main focus of this release is easing deployment.

  • Improved performance and look & feel
    • The Java Quick Starter feature will prefetch portions of the JRE into memory, substantially decreasing the average Java Platform cold start-up time (the time that it takes to launch a Java application for the first time after a fresh reboot of a PC).
    • Hardware acceleration support: Java SE 6 Update 10 introduces a fully hardware accelerated graphics pipeline based on the Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, translating into improved rendering of Swing applications which rely on translucency, gradients, arbitrary transformations, and other more advanced 2D operations.
    • A new cross-platform Swing look & feel, code name Nimbus, provides a nice update over 'Metal' and 'Ocean' and with exciting features.
  • Next-Generation Java Plug-In
    A new implementation of the Java Plug-In that features:
    • Better Windows Vista support
    • Ability to specify large heap sizes
    • Ability to specify per-applet command-line arguments
    • Improved reliability
    • Improved user experience
    • Improved Java/JavaScript communications
    • Built-in JNLP support
    • Multiple JRE version support