Java News from Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sun has posted the proposed final draft of JSR-290, Java Language & XML User Interface Markup Integration to the Java Community Process (JCP). According to the draft,

The scope of this JSR is to enable the creation of Java ME applications which combine the ease of authoring and graphical richness of Web UI technologies (such as XHTML Basic and SVG Tiny) with the power, flexibility, and breadth of the Java ME platform. The APIs and conventions defined by this JSR will provide for three styles of Java and XML UI markup integration:

  1. cross-referencing between markup and Java ME code
  2. embedding a Java ME component within markup (e.g. a browser page)
  3. embedding UI markup data witin a Java ME application

This specification provides a binding to the Compound Document Format [CDF] markups such as Web Interaction Compound Document [WICD] [Mobile 1.0]. It defines an API to load, manipulate, interact and render XML markups for user interfaces. It follows models of DOM API definitions used by [JSR-226]/[JSR-287] and [JSR-280].

The Expert Group has collaborated with the W3C CDF Working Group.