Java News from Friday, February 15, 2008

Atlassian has released Clover 2.1, a $1200 payware test coverage tool. Clover modifies the source code to enable it to follow which statements are executed when, and keeps a running count of how many times each statement is executed during the test suite. Any statement that executes zero times is not being tested. I use Clover with Ant, but there's also an Eclipse plug-in. Clover can generate test coverage reports in XML, HTML, PDF, or via a Swing Viewer. Version 2.1 "allows users to tailor code coverage reporting even more closely to their needs. Configurable risk metrics let you choose an algorithm that matches your definition of a project risk. 'Coverage Clouds' are now available for every individual package. Building on the per-test coverage that was introduced in Clover 2.0, in Clover 2.1 reports from merged databases now include per-test coverage data."