Java News from Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nokia has posted the second public review draft of JSR-279 Service Connection API for Java ME.

The ServiceConnection API brings services to the Java ME and provides uniform access to different services based on state-of-the-art technologies such as SOAP, REST, Atom, as well as internal services. In order to make use of services as simply as possible, the API removes the burden of high-level protocols, complex state machines, and other logic from the user. Frameworks are used to increase user convenience by providing service discovery, authentication, and ready-made message skeletons which can be validated on-line. Representation of the message can be easily switched, for example, between XML or JSON, or Atom and RSS.

The ServiceConnection API does not refer to any specific protocol used to transport messages. Neither does it refer to any specific authentication and other security mechanisms, discovery, or any other characteristics of a service. The fact that messages are sent and received, for example, using SOAP over HTTP, should show to the user as little as possible.

The API is in these packages: