Java News from Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I note with sadness the passing of Ed Foster, who died Saturday night at age 59 of an apparent heart attack. Ed was a rare journalist in the tech world who could really look beyond the press releases and the blinking lights to see what was really happening (and who it was happening to). He was a voice for sanity and fairness in an industry usually too naive and blinded by greed to consider such matters.

It's nice to note that he goes out with one last victory, as Yahoo has now caved in after his last column, and agreed to issue full refunds to purchasers of their DRM locked music. He will be missed. Fittingly, in lieu of flowers, Ed's family has asked that donations be made to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in his name. he would have liked that, I'm sure.

I was a little surprised to notice that Ed did not yet have a Wikipedia page, so I started one. Please edit and fill it in as quickly as possible. He is a notable figure who deserves to be remembered.