Java News from Friday, May 9, 2008

Nokia and Vodafone have posted the early draft review of JSR-249 Mobile Service Architecture 2 :

The Java ME community has developed a unified Java application environment standard for mobile phones as part of the JSR 248 Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) specification. Mobile Service Architecture 2 (MSA2) Initiative continues the work by providing an updated platform specification needed by the mobile industry today. MSA2 Specification (JSR 249) addresses an even broader set of devices than MSA with more enhanced and diverse capabilities but continues its focus on high-volume mobile devices. This JSR broadens the architecture defined by MSA by adding support for new technologies and features that are already available or will become available in the foreseeable future. It also oversees compatibility with the JSR 248 MSA environment.

The MSA2 Specification is a Java architecture definition that describes the essential Java client components of an end-to-end wireless environment. The MSA2 Specification defines a set of Java ME technologies and shows how these technologies must be be correctly integrated in a mobile device to create an optimal mobile Java platform. As a normative specification, the MSA2 Specification produces compatibility requirements that are reflected in the MSA2 TCK. Service and content providers can use the MSA2 Specification as a guideline for application development and can benefit from better application portability between different MSA2 compliant implementations.

Comments are due by May 29.