Java News from Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nokia has released the completed JSR 293 - Location API 2.0. According to the draft:

JSR 179 ([JSR179]) specification defined a Java ME Optional Package that enabled mobile location-based applications for resource limited devices (referred to as 'terminals' in the following). The API was designed to be a compact and generic API that produces information about the present geographic location of the terminal to Java applications. JSR 179 covers obtaining information about the present geographic location and orientation of the terminal and accessing a database of known landmarks stored in the terminal.

JSR 293 Location API 2.0 for Java ME extends JSR 179 Location API. This means that JSR 179 specification is part of the JSR 293 specification. Therefore applications written for Location API are upwards compatible with Location API 2.0 and will work without any changes in the Location API 2.0 compliant terminals. In addition to minor clarifications to Location API, the version 2.0 adds several new features like geocoding, map and navigation services and landmark exchange to the API. These features are described in more detail later in this overview.