Java News from Friday, October 10, 2008

David Benson and Gaudenz Alder have posted a beta of JGraph X. According to Benson, "JGraph X is based on the mxGraph architecture, a re-designed core based on 7 years of JGraph experience. The library will be available under the LGPL, the 1.0 release is due later this year. The new library API is designed to provide a much lower learning curve as well as making the feature set easier to extend and integrate. Sharing the model code base of mxGraph (, the web diagramming library, enabling applications written in Java to be more easily ported to mxGraph-based web applications. Overall, JGraph X provides more features that JGraph, with a far smaller code size and complexity. Redesigning the codebase from scratch now means implementing common feature extensions are easier and require less coding. A number of new loosely coupled application-centric features have been added, making prototyping even faster, without their usage restricting application flexibility."