Java News from Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jan Bartel has ported the open source Jetty web server and servlet engine to the Android phone platform:

Having a "personal" webserver on your phone opens up a world of possibilities, letting you run your favourite existing webapps in your mobile environment.

It also means that you can bring the contents of your mobile phone to your normal desktop browser. You don't need any special software to synchronize the mobile data to your desktop computer - the i-jetty console makes your on-phone info like contacts lists, call logs and media instantly available and manageable via your browser.

The i-jetty project consists of the i-jetty application, and 3 example webapps that can be deployed onto the phone:

  1. hello an example webapp containing a HelloWorld servlet
  2. console which allows you to access the on-phone data from anywhere
  3. chat a chatroom using jetty's implementation of the cometd Bayeux protocol

I must say I'm impressed: both with the fact that the phone allows this and that somebody thought to do it. So who'll be the first to publish a public web server running off the phone in their pocket? You'd probably need some sort of dynamic DNS, and frequent recharges.