Java News from Friday, March 20, 2009

Sun has released NetBeans 6.5.1, its open source IDE for Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C++, and now PHP and Groovy. This release upgrades Glassfish to 2.1, and fixes numerous bugs.

I'm curious what will happen to NetBeans in the evevnt of an IBM takeover. I suspect it will be quietly abandoned in favor of Eclipse, which would be a shame. NetBeans is a nice product even if it's never gotten the uptake Eclipse and IntelliJ have. On the other hand maybe IBM can put some of the NetBeans team obvious talent to good use deuglifying Eclipse. The appearance and usability of NetBeans is just leaps and bounds beyond Eclipse. It's pretty obvious there's at least one person on the NetBeans team, probably several, who have some understanding of usability. It's equally obvious there aren't any such developers in Eclipse land.