Java News from Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Eclipse Project has released Jetty 7.0, an open source servlet engine that supports version 2.5 of the Java Servlet API and version 2.1 of Java Server Pages, and my personal favorite embeddable web server. Version 7 adds some Servlet 3.0 features such as fragments, JASPI for pluggable standard authentication modules, and a modular start.jar mechanism. There is also now jetty-hightide:

Hightide is to jetty as ubuntu is to linux. It is fully open source and contains additional modules and integrations:

Both distributions are available via maven as artefacts or complete bundles

Jetty 6 will continue to be maintained for some time, but all new features will now be developed on Jetty-7. Jetty-8 will be in prelease in the next few months and will support servlet 3.0.