The Java Developer's Resource

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The Java Developer's Resource is a comprehensive introduction to Java for programmers. It covers the Java language from the ground up as well as the AWT including threads, layout managers, exceptions, event handling, data structures, input and output, and a lot more. I started writing this book when there weren't any good books on Java. In many ways this is the book I wish had been available when I was trying to learn Java.

The JDR was originally published by Prentice Hall and covered Java 1.0. It is now out of print, though copies of the first edition are fairly easily available through standard used book channels. I am now updating the book to cover Java 2 and posting updated chapters here as time permits. What follows is a very rough outline of where I think the book will go. However, much work remains to be done, and I will almost certainly wander off this path before I'm through.

Please feel free to use this as you like for your education and entertainment. If you want to save or print out a local copy for your own private use, please do so. However, under no circumstances may you sell it, copy it to a different web site, distribute it on a CD, or otherwise republish it. Instead, please direct people to this site instead so they can get their own copies.

Table of Contents


Part One:Getting Started with Java

Chapter 1 Why Java's Hot
Chapter 2 Installing Java
Chapter 3 Hello World: The Application
Chapter 4 Numbers and Arithmetic
Chapter 5 Variables
Chapter 6 Booleans and Flow Control
Chapter 7 Classes
Chapter 8 Arrays
Chapter 9 Inheritance
Chapter 10 Polymorphism
Chapter 11 Packages
Chapter 12 The Java Class Library
Chapter 13 Exceptions
Chapter 14 Data Structures
Chapter 15 The Java Collections API

Part Two:Applets and the AWT

Chapter 16 Writing Your First Applet
Chapter 17 Drawing Pictures
Chapter 18 Components
Chapter 19 LayoutManagers
Chapter 20 Windows, Frames, Dialogs, and Menus

Part Three:Advanced Language Features

Chapter 21 Threads
Chapter 22 Streams and Files
Chapter 23 Java Network Programming
Chapter 24 Javadoc


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