Java News from Friday, September 21, 2007

I've posted the notes from yesterday's "Human Factors in API Design" session. I've posted the notes in PDF for the moment (Blech) because I haven't yet had the time to figure out how to degunk the HTML PowerPoint generates so Firefox can read it. Apparently this is a known problem. Maybe I should just import the presentation into OpenOffice Impress and export it from there?

Update: The XHTML export from OpenOffice is too stupid to use, but the HTML export is plausible. The notes are now available in a more browser-friendly format.

Thanks to some help from the SD Best Practices Speakers lounge, I may now have fixed the links to some of my other blogs. I still don't understand what happened, but the suggestion of putting xsltproc into verbose mode gave me enough info to fix the problem.

This page seems to be fixed at the moment. If it borks itself again, holler; but I may or may not be able to fix it until I get back to New York tonight. Anyone know if there's wireless in Boston Back Bay station yet?

The closing keynote is CodeGear's David Intersimone on "Future of Software Development in a Virtual World". I was hoping it was about virtualization (an increasingly important and interesting subject) but apparently it's about Second Life. Aren't we over that yet? The keynote seems to be broadcast remotely from inside Second Life. The audio is bad. The video is worse. This session is so monotonous it could have been delivered by a speech synthesizer. For all I can tell, it is being delivered by a speech synthesizer. Developers come to conferences to hear speakers live and discuss with them live. If they're going to do it in Second Life we might as well have stayed home.